Paths of the irrigation canals

The irrigation canal paths in Val Venosta

Pleasant walks along ancient waterways

Once used by farmers for irrigation of the fields, the irrigation canals are among the most popular routes for pleasant walks and family strolls through the Val Venosta. The narrow and mostly flat paths wind along gurgling streams and are passable in every season. Some of them offer beautiful views of the valley and surrounding mountains.

In Val Venosta there are 17 different canal paths. The Leitenwaal and Bergwaal canals begin in the immediate vicinity of the Hotel Saldur and lead you to discover the legendary Castel Coira, bringing you back to Sluderno through the gorge of Rio Saldura. Don’t miss the canals around San Valentino, Glorenza and Sluderno as well as the Ciardes e Senales canals, eleven kilometres long and constructed way back in 1504.

Here you can find information on the most beautiful paths of the canals in Val Venosta and all of South Tyrol.


Paths of the irrigation canals
Paths of the irrigation canals
Paths of the irrigation canals
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